The Mdina Dungeons

St Publius Square, Mdina , Malta


Opening Hours: Monday, Sunday 10:00 - 16:30

The Mdina Dungeons Tickets
  • Adult: € 4.00
  • Child (under 12): € 2.00
  • Groups (10 or more): € 3.25

Experience the dark side of Maltese history. The Mdina Dungeons are located underneath the noble Magisterial Vilhena Palace. These underground passageways, chambers and cells were home to some of the darkest and most torturous measures that where taken in bygone era. These at times when crucifixion, beheading, executions, torture, crime, revolts are inquisitions were all commonplace under heavy handed rules. The Mdina Dungeons exhibits are a live-size figures arranged in chronicle fashion, from the days of the Roman Empire until the French occupation of the islands. The Mdina Dungeons is a truly memorable and dramatic experience of the dark past of Malta's history.