The Inquisitor's Museum

Main Gate , Birgu, Malta


Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 - 17:00

The Inquisitor's Museum Tickets
  • Adults: € 6.00
  • Students: € 4.50
  • Children: € 3.00

Inquisitor's Palace is located in Vittoriosa ( Birgu). Inquisitor's Palace was erected as the civil law courts of the Order of St John between 1530's and 1571. The Inquisitor's palace moved to Birgu in 1574 and became the seat of Malta's Inquisition from 1574 till 1798.

During the Second World War Inquisitor's Palace survived several bombings. Is one of the very few examples of a style of palace found all over Europe and South Africa in the early modern period.

When Mgr Pietro Dusina arrived to Malta in 1574 as the first general inquisitor and delegate of the Maltese Islands. Grand Master offered him unused palace as an official residence.

Almost all successive inquisitors sought to transform the palace into a decent mansion. They all shared the same cultural values of clerical baroque Roman society. By the mid 18th century they had managed successfully to transform the building into a Roman palace.

Inquisitor's Palace displays areas in the tribunal room, the prison complex and the kitchen, as well as a permanent exhibition of the Inquisition on the Maltese society.

Look out for display called 'Passio et Ressurectio - The Passion and the Resurrection of Christ' - an artistic church model set up for Holy Week of two life-sized sculptures that are paraded in the traditional Good Friday processions. And also 18th century paintings portraying Our Lady of Sorrows and Christ crucified.

Inquisitor's Palace open to the public and also home to Malta's Museum of Ethnography.