National Museum of Archaeology

National museum of Archaeology, Valletta , Malta


Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 - 19:00

National Museum of Archaeology Tickets
  • Adults: € 5.00
  • Youth/Seniors: € 3.50
  • Child: € 2.50

The National Museum of Archaeology is an example of a fine Baroque building erected in Malta's Capital city Valletta Republic Street. National Museum of Archaeology is housed in the Auberge de Provence. Auberge de Provence dates back to 1571, it was a house to the Knights of the Order of St John originating from Provence France. Auberge was probably entrusted to the local architect Girolomo Cassar who was assigned to build all the important buildings in Valletta at that time.

The National Museum of Archaeology currently houses a spectacular range of artifacts dating back to Malta's Neolithic period; from Ghar Dalam phase (5200BC) to Tarxien Temples phase (2500BC). National Museum of Archaeology displays earliest tools used by the prehistoric people to facilitate their daily tasks. Representations of animal life and also human figurines, both elements showing the great artistic skills of the dwellers of the island at the time also giving us an insight of their daily lives. National Museum of Archaeology presents you with a good introduction to the prehistory of the Maltese Islands. Works are currently undergoing to include the Bronze Age, Phoenician, Punic, Roman and Byzantine period displays on the Upper Floor.

National Museum of Archaeology includes the Sleeping Lady, the Venues of Malta, Obsidian Core, Headless seated figurine, Tarxien Altar, Embracing Couple, Axe Pendant, an Ochre, a floral Altar and a roofed Temple model.