Museum Of Archaeology Gozo

Triq Bieb l-Imdina, Victoria , Gozo


Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 - 17:00

Museum Of Archaeology Gozo Tickets
  • Adults: € 5.00
  • Youth: € 3.50
  • Children: € 2.50

The Archaeology Museum is located behind the original gateway to the Citadel in Rabat, Gozo. The Museum of Archaeology illustrates chronologically the cultural history of the Island of Gozo from prehistoric times to the early modern period.

It's housed in the 17th century building Palazzo Bondi, which served as a town hall where the Knights of St John used to receive their distinguished visitors. It's a prominent residence of a Gozitan family after whom the Palace was named.

In 1960's it was inaugurated as the first public museum in Gozo. Following the refurbishment it was re-opened in 1986 as the Archaeology Museum of Gozo.

The ground floor is devoted to the Neolithic Period and the Bronze Age (5200-700BC). Museum of Archaeology houses a vast selection of decorated potsherds, pottery, vessels, stones, bone implements and pendants from various settlements and tombs. The Bronze Age section displays a group of miniature clay containers and decorated double-pot and some fragmented clay votive anchors.

The first floor of Archaeological Museum is devoted to the Phoenician, Punic, Roman, Medieval, and Knights periods. The collections on display include jewellery, coins, marble statues, inscriptions, oil lamps, and part of a limestone olive-pipper. There is also a selection of funerary urns found in rock-cut tombs around Gozo, while the "Xlendi room" houses artefacts from underwater wrecks of Classical antiquity recovered from the bay in 1961.

The Gozo Museum of Archaeology aims to illustrate the rich cultural history of the island of Gozo from prehistoric times to the early modern period. The museum incorporates themes like burials, religion, art, food and daily life, making use of material from various archaeological sites in Gozo.