Manoel Theatre

115 Triq it-Teatru l-Antik, Valletta , Malta


Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00 - 16:00

Manoel Theatre Tickets
  • Entry Fee: € 4.00

Manoel Theatre was built in 1731 by Portuguese Grand Master of the Knights of Malta Antonio de Vilhena. Grand Master built the theatre to keep the young knights of the Order of St John out of mischief but also to provide the general public with "honest" entertainment. Above the main entrance is written the theatre motto 'ad honestam populi oblictationem' means ( 'for the public's honest entertainment')

Manoel Theatre isn't that big its just 623 people make up a full house but they treated with to three tiers boxes, decor awash with 22 carat gold leaf and stunning ceiling painted in trompe l'oiel style so it appears to be domed.

Manoel theatre is a truly a gem of a building and worth a visit. You don't need to book to see the performance because Manoel Theatre has enough heritage to qualify as a tourist attraction in its own right.

Manoel Theatre open its doors in January 1732. And performed a classic Italian tragedy - Scipione Maffei's Merope'. The parts in the play were all performed by Malta Knights.

Today’s Manoel's theatre programme is year-round and includes orchestral concerts, drama and comedy performances, musicals, opera, children’s plays and, of course, an excellent festive pantomime (based on the fine British tradition). 
 Manoel Theatre also has a unique service for hiring costumes for Halloween Parties and Carnivals. Whatever the occasion you should always find something to fit the bill. as the costume department it has more than 6,000 examples to chose from.

Sala Isouard which is a separate venue mostly used for chamber music, is usually set up as a concert hall with seating accommodating over 200 patrons. Its configuration can be changed according to client’s wishes and may be adapted to accommodate any kind of event.

The Theatre Museum, displays a large number of beautiful exhibits which are mostly donated by generous private collectors. A bar, cafe and restaurant can be found in the Courtyard. A free Wi-Fi service is also available to all the patrons.