Malta Classic Car Museum

Triq it Turristi, Qawra , Malta


Opening Hours: Monday, Friday 9:00 - 18:00Saturday 9:00 - 13:00

Malta Classic Car Museum Tickets
  • Adults: € 7.00
  • Children: € 4.00

The Malta Classic Car Museum situated in Qawra is considered to be amongst the best Classic Car museums in Europe and worldwide. The owner of the Classic Car Museum is Carol Galea has always been an avid car collector and, as he grew older, so his collection grew with him. And became the largest collection of classic cars on the island. During his childhood he built a significant collection of car models and when he reached his driving age, Carol built a car to his own design equipped with a Jaguar XK 140 engine. His passion geared him to commence a real car collection with Fiat 1200, still present today, paving the way.

Carol decided it was time to share his collection with the world, to gather it all in one place and enjoy it spending his days looking at the cars he loved so much. And thus was the Malta Classic Car Museum born, lovely 3000 square meter reached through a regal marble staircase. Of course , Carol didn't just want an open area to display the cars. He wanted something special that would show the cars in their best possible way, while also framing these works of vehicular art in the right context. Today compromises classics such as Alfa Romeo, Austin, Jaguar, Fiat, Ford, MG, Mini, Sunbeam, Triumph, as well as most modern BMW's, Jaguar and Ferrari. There are also classic motorbikes such as BSA, Vespa and Lambretta. All cars on display can be reached from all angels.

Apart from the over one hundred items on display, there is a great variety of jukeboxes, slot machines, life size models, memorabilia and posters. Carol himself is responsible for the remarkable photographic collection capturing a past motoring epoch. Stepping in to the Malta Classic Car Museum takes you on an instant time travel trip back to the golden years of the 1920's and let's you view the development of cars all the way up to modern times.