Lascaris War Rooms

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Lascaris War Rooms Tickets
  • Adult: € 10.00
  • Pensioner/Student: € 8.00
  • Children /Under 16 years: € 5.00
  • Family Group (2 x adults plus 3 children u/ 16 years: € 25.00

The Lascaris War Rooms consist of an underground complex of tunnels and chambers that housed the

War Headquarters from where the defence of Malta was conducted during the Second World War.

This secret complex contained operations rooms for each of the fighting services from where not

only the air defence of Malta was coordinated, but also some of the greatest battlesfought in the

Mediterrean during the war. Lascaris was the advance Allied HQ from where General Eisenhower and

his Supreme Commanders Admiral Cunningham, Field Marshal Montgomery and Air Marshal Tedder

directed Operation Husky – the Invasion of Sicily in 1943.

In the Post War years it became the Headquarters of the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet. Later, in the

late 1960s, it was taken over by NATO to be used as a strategic Communication Centre.

In 2009, Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna - the Malta Heritage Trust - undertook the challenging task of restoring

this historic complex. As a result of this work visitors can explore and enjoy one of Malta’s best kept

wartime secrets.

The Lascaris War Rooms will be integrated into the Military Heritage Park. The Park will cover some

500 years of Malta’s history linking Lascaris War Rooms, the NATO ComCen, St Peter and St Paul

counter-guard, the Saluting Battery and the Garrison Chapel crypt. Work on this park is currently being

undertaken by FWA.