Casa Rocca Piccola

Republic Street , Valletta , Malta


Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00 - 16:00

Casa Rocca Piccola Tickets
  • Adult: € 9.00
  • Students: € 5.00

Casa Rocca Piccola is a privately owned 16th century residence built for Don Pietro La Rocca, a Knight of Malta. Who came to Malta in 1530. Casa Rocca Piccola is now a home to the 9th Marquis de Piro and his family, who opened the house to the public in 1990. Casa Rocca Piccola is situated just a few minutes away from the Presidents Palace. It's a top rated and award winning "living museum" in capital city Valletta.

Casa Rocca Piccola has more then 50 rooms, and of these there are 12 particularly special examples open to the public to view. It includes two dining rooms, ( one for the summer and one for the winter). It also has a family chapel and a stunning bedroom with sumptuous four-poster bed.

Under the Casa Rocca Piccola house you can view the air-raid shelters built during the Second World War. They were created from the network of underground passages and tunnels cut of of the rock throughout the home's long history.

One of the tunnels leads to a huge cavern that was used during the wartime to protect people from bombing, and on other one leads to a small room that was used as a private family shelter. You will find a pretty walled garden of the Casa Rocca Piccola with nice citrus trees. Within the building, there is also an art gallery, restaurant and a souvenir shop.