Carmelite Priory Museum

55,Villegaignon Street , Mdina , Malta


Opening Hours: Monday, Sunday 10:00 - 17:00

Carmelite Priory Museum Tickets
  • Adults: € 4.00
  • Senior: € 3.00
  • Students: € 3.00
  • Groups: € 3.00

Carmelite Priory 17th century has opened its doors to the public in November 2008 was the culmination of a substantial two-year restoration project. It has brought the building, and many other artifacts within, back to their former glory. The Carmelite Priory and friars located in the heart of the Silent City Mdina who reside here invite you to experience both the spiritual and the daily way of life of their predecessors they still live here in quarters on the second floor and though you won't see them, they still celebrate mass each early morning before visitors arrive.

Structural work was undertaken in the Priory building, which is appreciated in the eye catching cloisters around the supremely tranquil courtyard. So take 5 minutes and enjoy the peace and quite on your Mdina visit.

Carmelite Priory is in Baroque style and another of its many highlights in the refectory with its superb frescoes. Don't dismiss to go in because if you do then you can see several of the meticulously restored rooms - a typical friars cell, an authentic kitchen, the oratory, a decorative refectory and impressive church.

Carmelite Priory also used as a venue for Baroque music concerts every Wednesday and Sunday at noon. And look out for the other stimulating events and exhibitions, which relate to spirituality, art, literature, and music held at the building.

While you are at the Carmelite Priory make time to visit the cafeteria set amid the golden stone building but with its modern white tables and see-through perspex chairs. It's a great place to enjoy some excellent local food and wines. They serve healthy lunches and delicious cakes and pastries with afternoon tea or coffee.

Don't forget to visit the gift shop which specialises in Maltese crafts, handmade jewellery and local gourmet foodstuffs.