Kordin III Prehistoric Temples

Triq Ghajn Dwieli , Paola, malta

Megalithic Temple

Pre-historic place is situated between Ghajn Dwieli Church and MCAST institute opposite the Islamic mosque at the head of Corradino Hill. Three pre-historic temples once stood at Corradino Heights overlooking the Grand Harbour they have been named Kordin I, II and III. But today only Kordin III has survived.

Prehistoric Temples date back to 3.700BC. It is one of the most complete from the period beyond the major temple complexes of Tarxien, Hagar Qim & Mnajdra and Ggantija temples. It’s the largest prehistoric paved fore court and also unique stone through.

Kordin III consists of two temples set side by side. The largest temple is a trefoil shaped temple while the smaller one is a two -apse temple. It is not clear when they were built, but what is sure is that during the Tarxien phase the complex was restructured to include a new facade and the inclusion of internal divisions.

Archaeologists have found seven holes in a long stone and it has been thought that wheat was ground inside those stones as to produce flour. Pottery was in the shape of deep bowls with red and white designs as well as other pre-historic tools can be seen on site.