The Malta Pass is a tourist attraction, and discount card for the Maltese Islands. On the Malta Attraction Map you can see each attraction available on the Malta Pass highlighted using a red icon. Clicking on any of these will give more information on each singular attraction.

If you are interested in learning about Malta's history, or want to visit as many attractions as possible The Malta Pass is guaranteed to provide you value for money. They currently provide three different passes:

  • 1 Day Malta Pass at €24.95
  • 2 Day Malta Pass at €39.95
  • 3 Day Malta Pass at €49.95

Each Malta Pass Card entitles you to free access to over 40 attractions within the valid period of The Malta Pass card purchased. The current pricing scheme means that you can save up to 75% when visiting museums and attractions provided on the card. Each card includes a one day Sight Seeing Bus Tour worth €20 followed up by a Grand Harbor Tour which is worth another €15 ensures you've already got value for money before even starting the attractions. With various attractions found along the way on the Sight Seeing Bus route, you're guaranteed to visit multiple attractions on a single day, and if you stop anywhere like Valletta or Mdina during your tour, you can find multiple attractions within walking distance thus making great savings on your visit to Malta.

The Malta Pass also comes with a number of discounts that can be used during your stay in Malta, with various shops and restaurants accepting the card providing discounts; thus saving you more money whilst eating out or shopping in Malta. The Malta Pass also comes with a guide book, which you can use during your visit to decide which attractions you would like to visit as well as see the discounts that are available during your stay.