Xlendi Bay

Xlendi Bay , Xlendi Bay , Gozo


Xlendi bay is a tiny sandy beach is located on the southwest of Gozo. This attractive sandy beach is very popular for locals as well as for many tourists. It’s quiet undeveloped except for few restaurants and block of flats and makes it very peaceful, relaxing and at the same time beautiful place to enjoy your holiday.

Very easy access to Xlendi Bay both by car going through Fontana or Munxar or else you can catch a local bus and it will take you there.

Xlendi Bay has many lovely swimming spots to choose from. There is sandy part or else there is a rocky part where you can also enjoy and relax. Turquoise water here is very fresh and clean you can do snorkelling, paddling, swimming and much more suitable for both young and elderly people.

Xlendi is also a perfect place for diving; the coral reefs and the rocks make an excellent place for beginners. Also many years ago this bay was a fishing village that used to provide shelter to a number of boats in both summer and winter, but recently been transformed into a tourist attraction place.

There are also few historical places that might interest you to visit.

Xlendi Tower was built by Grand Master Juan de Lascaris Castellar on 29th June in 1650 it’s the oldest freestanding coastal watch tower in Gozo Was built so no pirates or Turks could disembark from this bay. It’s 35 feet square and was armed by two 6 – pounder iron guns that were later got replaced with two 4 – pounder guns. Xlendi tower was in use as a watchtower and guardhouse until 1871.

Punic Tombs dating back to Punic-Byzantine times were found in Xlendi, some of them were found in St Simon Point and others were found in Xlendi Valley.

Underground Emergency Mill was excavated in 1955 it’s situated behind the Mount Carmel church. The entrance tunnel is some 30 meters long, 2,5 meters high and 3 meters wide leading into a large chamber. The Mill been built when the Cold War was escalating when nuclear conflict was possible. But then the Mill was never used after it was built.

You can enjoy your day at the beach and in the evening just take a slow walk along the promenade at night it’s so beautiful and romantic. Hope you will enjoy your stay on our beautiful island Gozo.