Xatt L-Ahmar

Xatt l-Ahmar, Ghajnsielem, Gozo


Xatt L-Ahmar is a secluded bay located within the sights of Guardiola (Guard Post) of Fort Chambray and only accessible through a narrow road of Ghajnsielem. Xatt L-Ahmar literally means Red Bay because of reddish brown sand falling from slopes above.

In summer you will see a lot of boathouses that fisherman use to restore their colourful boats in winter. This bay is made up of two beaches one of which is about 80 meters long and 18 meters wide and the other sandy beach is just few meters long.

Xatt L-Ahmar is a very beautiful and very much peaceful place you won’t find many tourist or locals here so you can enjoy the lovely view of the west coast of Malta. Perfect place to swim here is possible off white rocks, but you can always use the ladder to get in and out of water easier.

This bay also has few gentle slopes for not so experienced divers to accommodate easy entry and exit to and from the water. There are many nice spots for experienced divers is the wreck of the scuttled old Malta-Gozo Ferry boat ‘iX-Xlendi’ which lies in the depths just beyond the bay.

If you are interested also to explore places a bit you can find some few interesting sites to see.

The Marine Police Station which was built in 1886. And in 1923 this building had fallen in disuse when rooms of the station were rented to individuals.

Fort Chambray was built by the Knights of the Order of St John 250 years ago overlooks the picturesque bay Ix-Xatt L –Ahmar.

Hope you will enjoy your holiday on this beautiful island Gozo.