St Peter's Pool

St Peter's Pool, Marsaxlokk , Malta


St Peter’s Pool is situated in the southern area of Malta at the tip of Delimara Point. This natural swimming pool is very famous for locals especially for those who live close by in villages such as Marsaxlokk, Zejtun and Birzebugga. It’s ideal spot for those who want to escape those massive tourist crowds. It’s not very easy to get to but it’s worth the hustle! St Peter’s Pool is a rocky inlet that is hidden away from everything also perfect for sunbathing on the smooth flat rocks and very good for snorkelling.

One of the legends said that is used to be the place where St Peter used baptize Christians when he visited Malta. Generally practicing the faith of the Roman Catholicism.

To get into the sea there are two options which are for not so comfortable swimmers there is ladder access or else for more adventurous swimmers is just to jump in into the water from a few meters up.

If you are going to spend all day at St Peter’s Pool make sure you bring everything you need for the day since there are no facilities whatsoever.

Just relax and enjoy the most stunning views from the top of the cliffs.