St Nickolas Bay

, Ghajnsielem, Comino


St Nickolas bay is also one of the beaches that is located in Comino Island but it consists of two small sandy beaches which in summer months it might be reserved for the guests from the Comino Hotel.

If you are seeking for a perfect beach on the Maltese Islands than you just made the right choice St Nickolas is certainly the right place to get away from all the stress and noise and just have a full day of pure relaxation where you can rest your mind and enjoy every bit of it.

To get to St Nickolas bay is by getting a boat or a ferry which operate daily in summer between Malta and Comino. The best way to get to Comino’s beaches is to get a boat that departs from Sliema Strand and Bugibba and go directly to the Blue Lagoon. And if you wish to explore Comino and its bays at your own time you can also rent a boat for the day and enjoy the beauty of the island.

St Nickolas bay also offers you many water activities and also it’s a great place to snorkel. It’s clean and safe beach for everyone who comes here and wants to enjoy a day at the beach.

Facilities are available throughout the day from the Comino Hotel. Or you can find kiosk with snacks and refreshments.

Enjoy and relax we hope you will enjoy it and come again.