St George's Bay

St George's Bay, St Julians , Malta


St Georges Bay is a sandy beach which is located in the heart of Malta's top entertainment area Paceville, St Julians. This sandy beach has been replenished with sand over the years to increase its surface and the number of people who are able to sunbathe on the wonderful beach.

St Georges Bay, St Julians is a hot spot for many tourists and also locals who like to come here and spend their day in the baking sun. This sandy beach in summer months gets really crowded likely 24 hours a day mostly they will be tourists or hundreds of language school students who enjoy their day and love to sunbathe all day long. So not to get disappointed you better get their early in the morning and find your favourite spot.

It’s very easy to reach St Georges bay either by local bus Arriva, hired car or a taxi. Otherwise if you are staying in one of the hotels or apartments in St Julians it’s just few minutes walk to this sandy beach.

St Georges Bay is a very convenient place to go for a day out. Since it’s in the heart of Malta’s lively area it has all the facilities that you would need for the day and night. Water sport activities, showers, restaurants, bars and many more eateries in this area. For those who want to walk around there is also the Bay Street shopping complex, cinemas, Eden Super Bowl bowling and much more within a few minutes walk of St Georges Bay, St Julians.

In the evening is a great place to relax and walk around. St Georges bay is the busiest bay in Malta during the evening with all the entertainment and nightlife in close vicinity.