Pretty Bay

Pretty Bay , Birzebbuga, Malta


Pretty Bay is located in a nice small village Birzebugga on the southern part of Malta and also close to archaeological sites such as Ghar Dalam and Borg in-Nadur. The name of Birzebugga comes from the Maltese means a ‘well of olives’.

Pretty bay was naturally a rocky coast beach until the bay was filled with sand which was collected from the sea. And now it’s the only sandy beach that is in the south of Malta. This sandy beach is more popular for Maltese holiday- makers for decades, than for tourist since it’s out of reach.

Pretty Bay is quite spacious and deep enough to accommodate both families who are looking for relaxing spot and for younger generation who love sport activities. Also provides umbrellas and sun beds for hire and ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling for all ages.

In case you get hungry Pretty Bay has a wide choice of restaurants, snack bars, coffee shops, outdoor food kiosks selling Maltese food and much more.

What Pretty Bay is lacking is the gorgeous views that the northern sandy beaches offer. The Freeport which stands across the bay just spoils the nice view. However if you bored lying all day sunbathing you can explore some caves and temples that are located in the south of the island.