Gnejna Bay

Gnejna Bay , Mgarr , Malta


Gnejna Bay is the biggest and longest sandy beach in Malta which is very popular for locals but not so much for tourists and this beach is the third that is located on the northwest coast is close to Ghajn Tuffieha, Golden Bay and the Majjistral National Park and just a kilometre away there is a little village called Mgarr. Gnejna bay is probably the least attractive beach on the list, but it has lots of free space and you can choose your nice spot to relax without being squashed or stepped on! Gnejna Bay beach is quiet and doesn’t get very crowded during the tourist season.

Gnejna Bay has tall, rocky outcrop crowned by Lippia Tower usually known as Ta’Lippia or Gnejna Watch Tower, which was built in 1637 by Vincenzo Maculani by orders from Grand Master Giovanni Paolo Lascaris and constructed by the Knights of St John.

It's coming was as a surprise for many of us. On the night between 20 & 21 June 2012 a marine loggerhead turtle swam all the way to Gnejna Bay to lay some 79 eggs. Since this event it was confirmed that it was the first sea turtle that came to Malta to nestle eggs in over a century.

If you are dying to have something refreshing and sweet or just have something to snack you can find couple of vans that will sell you anything starting from water and ice cream to snacks, fresh fruit salads and special Maltese traditional bread ‘ftira’ which is filled with delicious goods.

If you feel little bit more adventurous than just lying in the sun you can try some of the Gnejna Bay water sport activities – snorkelling, canoeing, water skiing, yellow banana rides, diving and so much more!

Most of Maltese people love to stay on the rocky parts of the bay organising barbeques with close family and friends and having amazing time watching beautiful sunset go down.