Ghar Lapsi

Ghar Lapsi, Siggiewi, malta


Ghar Lapsi is located in Siggiewi and just one kilometer away from Blue Grotto also close to historical sites like Hagar Qim and Imnajdra. It’s a hidden cave which is nestled underneath beautiful Dingli Cliffs. The name of Ghar Lapsi means (Ascension Cave) it’s a tiny rocky beach which turns into natural swimming pool in summer season. It’s very popular for fisherman with their tiny boats standing just few meters away from the cove access path.

Apart from that little flat rock there isn't much of space to spread your towel and relax, but this is why it’s so popular for locals because it’s relaxing, quiet and has beautiful surroundings and gorgeous scenery. The cave is really shallow but very beautiful and water is fresh and crystal clear.

It’s a very popular place for snorkelers and divers with as an underwater shallow cavern leads out straight to Mediterranean open sea. The surrounding terrain also makes a great place for hikes and offers brilliant opportunities for rock climbing.

Ghar Lapsi in the summer months has plenty of snack bars or you can have barbeque or a picnic on top of the rocks and it overlooks the sea with the tiny Island of Filfla also in the view. A beautiful place to dine out is the Blue Creek, a traditional restaurant which is run by family members. Located on the cliff tops with spectacular views, It’s ideal for a light snack, a relaxing lunch or dinner.