Dahlet Qorrot Bay,

Dahlet Qorrot, Qala , gozo


Dahlet Qorrot bay is situated in the northern part of Gozo and can be easily reached by car through the steep road of Nadur. It’s a small pebbly beach that has crystal clear water and great for snorkelling and scuba diving. It’s a perfect getaway from all the noisy crowds for a place to relax and enjoy the beauty and natural surroundings in peace and quiet.

You will find that fisherman has turned some caves into their boat houses and storage areas for fishing gears and if you are watching them carefully you will notice that some of these fisherman repairing their colourful traditional boats to keep them seaworthy. And if you are lucky you may get the chance to have a look at how they maintain their fishing nets and Maltese boats.

This tiny little beach unfortunately does not have all the daily facilities that you require there is a snack bar but opens only in summer months.

Remember to bring with you umbrella and all the things that you would need for the day. In case you forget to take your umbrella Qorrot Bay has little caves that can provide the needed shade for you in the hot weather. You can choose where to swim at Dahlet Qorrot Bay either in the bay or else you can head to the rocks.

If you don’t want to stay at the bay you can explore historical sites like Dahlet Qorrot Watch Tower known as Torri Ta’Sopu. The Tower stands just 120 metres above the sea level and its flanked to the west by the inlet of San Blas Bay and to the east by Dahlet Qorrot This tower was built in 1667 by Grand Master Nickolas Cottoner with funds provided by the Universitas of Gozo.

Enjoy the beauty and peace of this island while you are here on your vacation!