Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon , Ghajnsielem, Malta


Blue Lagoon is one of the most not only beautiful lagoons in Malta but yet very famous for tourists and locals. This tiny lagoon is a small sister island of Comino – situated between Malta and Gozo. It’s a long bay that made up of purely white sand.

Blue Lagoon offers spectacular beautiful crystal clear turquoise waters that probably you will ever see in the Mediterranean. Since there are no houses or residences close by, except coming and going tourists, the water stays fresh and clean. Blue Lagoon often gets visited by boats carrying hundreds of tourists every year, packed with private yachts, water taxis and so on.

If you want to spend all day in the baking sun Blue Lagoon offers you umbrellas and chairs to rent for the day and also provides showers and toilets. If you get hungry you will find couple of kiosks that sell snacks, soft drinks, ice creams and much more.

It’s very safe to swim at Blue Lagoon since it’s protected from boat traffic. If you are going to snorkel and gone outside the roped area make sure you are visible to boat traffic.

Except swimming and sunbathing you can do so much more on this tiny island Comino. You can discover historical sites like St Mary’s Tower can be seen on Comino’s southern coast this tower was built by the knights in 1618 and it’s a defensive watch tower. On same coast there is St Mary’s Battery was built in 1716. It still houses 2x24 pdr and 4x6 pdr iron cannons. Just above Santa Maria cave you will find a police station and a tiny Roman Catholic chapel which dates from 1618. So remember while you are there you can explore these very interesting sites on a beautiful island Comino.