Armier Bay

Armier Bay , Il-Mellieha , Malta


Armier Bay is located in the northern part of the island. It’s very popular for local families and also faces Gozo and Comino. Armier Bay has also a sister called little Armier Bay that are located in the greenest area of Mellieha these are two sandy beaches that are divided by a small rocky coast. The beaches are located far away from all the major developments and the area is pristine and very quite. The water is crystal clear and the sand is white and fine.

At Armier bay especially in summer months you will find a good number of boathouses that are used by the Maltese as residences. It gets really busy during the weekends and if you are looking for peace and quiet then avoid Mondays since it’s a post-village feast celebration also locally known as Xalata it’s a big after party in the sun when the whole village gets together to have great fun!

Armier bay is a great place for barbeques and picnics. It also has facilities which include bars, cafeterias and also different kinds of water sport activities. It’s also a perfect place to have an early morning or late afternoon walk to avoid the heat.