Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay , Il-Mellieha , malta


Anchor Bay located just kilometer away from Mellieha. It’s one of the attractive bays in Malta and takes the name from the large anchor that sits at the edge of the bay. It’s a very beautiful inlet that surrounded by rocky slopes and dark blue waters.

Anchor Bay is not so popular for swimmers. The sea here is yet very calm and more suitable for practical swimmers. It’s a great spot for divers, since it has large caves and passageways accessible from a slope leading down to the bay. There is a cave called Scorpion Cave which is completely submerged for the first couple of meters you can explore this beautiful marine life. In that cave you might see morays, scorpion fish, groupers and octopuses.

Anchor Bay these days usually called as Popeye Village the movie that been filmed in 1979 with Robin Williams. Thirty years later the Sweethaven village still stands and has become a theme park and big time tourist attraction for families with young children. In summer months Popeye Village has a lido with sun beds and umbrellas for rent as well as trampoline and Water Park in the sea for easier access and boat rides.

It’s ideal place for kid’s parties and school outings, offers lots of educational and fun games and its great way for your kids to make new friends.