Valletta Living History

Embassy Complex , Valletta , Malta

Audio Visual

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 - 14:45

Valletta Living History Tickets
  • Adults: € 9.75
  • Children: € 4.00
  • Students: € 7.00
  • Family Pack: € 25.00

Valletta is one of the most recently built cities in Malta, its history goes back to the Great Siege which is the starting point of this spectacular 35 minute experience at the Embassy Complex.

The show covers Valletta's history with imagery, depicting the Ottoman Settlement on the hill Xebb ir-Ras (now the city of Valletta) and the Great Siege which was won by the Knights of St John. The building of Valletta, with the knights taking initiative to build a fortified city on the hill which overlooked both ports. The show flows with time, as Valletta evolved and grew.

Valletta living history; also brings into the picture the resident's daily life through the ages as well as some important events that happened through the city. Most noticeably the French invasion which lasted for only 2 years, and the subsequent British rule. During which a depiction of the second world war, and Malta's contribution is portrayed. Which eventually takes you to Valletta in the present day.

Located at the centre of grid-like Valletta, Valletta Living History is in a very accessible location; close to several other attractions within the city making it an impossible place to miss. The show itself guarantees to provide entertainment for all the family, as well as giving you unique insight into the history of Malta's capital city Valletta, one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.