The Knights Of Malta

Magazines Street , Medina, Malta

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Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00 - 16:30

The Knights Of Malta Tickets
  • Medieval Times & Knights of Malta: € 10.25
  • Knights of Malta: € 5.25

If you're into the medival times, the city of Mdina takes you back to that era, and even before. This show, a 30 minute clip with multilingual commentaries takes you back to the era of The Knights of Malta.

The Knights of St John, as is their official name came to Malta following lost battles against the Ottoman army in other nations, having been given the island by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, King of Sicily in 1530. The 30 minute show takes you back to this era which spans over four centuries till the arrival of Napoleon and his French army.

The show also depicts the use of Malta as a port and hospital, with the building of Valletta and the Grand Harbour now being a central part of the Mediterranean. Especially as the Knight of St John's main mission was that of defending the poor and sick.

The 30 minute clip, gives unique insight into the historic gunpowder vaults used by the knights themselves during this period. Taking you through the daily experiences of knights and soldiers during the various combats. From facing the Ottoman army and repelling their invasion; to surrendering to the French, the show depicts those who lived, fought and died to protect the Maltese islands.