Malta 5D

Old bakery street , Valletta, Malta

Audio Visual

Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9:30 - 16:00Sunday 9:00 - 13:00

Malta 5D Tickets
  • Adults: € 8.00
  • Children: € 6.00

Unlike other Audio Visual attractions in Malta; Malta 5D you will not just be a spectator but you shall be part of the story.

Malta 5D is indeed a unique experience, with 3D generated imagery it takes you back in time; through all the ages which left a mark on Malta's culture and heritage. Starting from the very beginning and the first traces of human life on the islands, the Megalithic Temples which are known to be the oldest Free Standing Structures on the planet.

The Great Siege of Malta, where the Knights of Malta where up against the Ottoman army in 1656 is another landmark area; which is highlighted in this Malta 5D show. The special effects; of moving seats, water spray, and air blasts make this truly unique, making you feel the heat of the battle.

This leads to the more-recent era of the English rule; where imagery of the second world war take you flying with Italian war-planes bombarding the Maltese Islands, most noticeably its capital city Valletta, and the ports, from where the Maltese were giving the British a helping hand with their Dry Docks. The trip also takes you to follow the shell bomb which hit the Mosta Church, which has the third largest unsupported dome in the whole world. The journey takes you to see how this shell failed to explode, leaving minor damage on this church.

The journey closes with the modern era, the picturesque views of the island; the fireworks and local feasts giving you a complete picture of the whole islands in just 30 minutes. Malta 5D proves to be a unique way to learn about Malta's unique history, and some of the most renowned World Heritage sites. The special effects of a 5D cinema, will make this experience one to remember.