• The 34th edition of Rolex Middle Sea Race is attracting most famous racing yachts from all over the world such as United Kingdom, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cayman Islands, France, Germany, Israel,Italy, Netherlands, USA, Turkey,Switzerland

  • The Maltese Islands are offering you the best nightlife in Malta. Malta’s nightlife is centered around St Julian’s and Sliema. Paceville (Locally known as PV)where all the youngsters join together as a group to have a great night out.

  • Cruising through the Mediterranean and all the way to Malta? You certainly won't regret it! It’s small size and its richness in history and culture make it an ideal place to stop by for short periods.

  • Summer is probably the best season on the Maltese islands. Starting June it tends to start getting hot, and when it gets that hot all you want to do is... Take the Plunge!

  • Winter weather gives you a good opportunity to walk around various Maltese towns and villages, without feeling too hot. It is also the perfect weather to visit most of the historical attractions, as accommodation during this period.

  • One can clearly notice that there are plenty of things that you can see in Malta, through the map provided. But which ones should you really be looking at if you had to pick and choose your day in Malta?