Malta Attraction Map

There are plenty of attractions in the history-rich Maltese Islands, with Malta Attraction Map we have tried to gather all you need to know about Malta in a single place.

The Malta Attraction Map contains over 20 different types of attractions that are found around the island, with a complete collection of over 500 places of interest. The collection includes 11 Megalithic Temples, 7 of which are in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, as well as The Hypogeium which is the only site in the world which is known to have been excavated into the ground during the bronze age.

The unique collection of attractions includes over 30 museums, covering over 7000 years of history, from the Museum of Natural History, The National War Museum to a Classic Car Museum, you're guaranteed to find one matching your interests. We've also got you covered if you're on a tight budget, our Malta Attraction Map also contains pricing information and has partnered with MaltaPass to enable you to benefit from their fantastic offer, by using one of their passes. If that's not for you, we've also got various places of interest which you can visit for free, including a number of monuments and gardens, so we ensure that you can enjoy Malta's beauty independently from your budget.

For those who are into architecture and religion we've also got a complete collection of over 300 churches and 150 chapels listed on our Map across all of Malta and Gozo. These have been built throughout a rich religious history spanning over 2000 years, thus they cover various ages and contain various pieces of art, with the most notable being the Cathedral of St John, with Caravaggio's drawing picturing the beheading of St John.

If you're visiting Malta & the sister island of Gozo for a little bit more fun; we've added in a complete list of beaches which we have available on the Islands, from the most popular ones of Ghadira Bay, and Golden Sands to less prominent ones such as Armier, to make sure you find the right beach for you.

The map's unique format allows you to view the Maltese islands and its attractions at a glance, and navigating through our attractions couldn't be much easier; just click on the attraction you'd like to learn about; and its details will come up in place of this text. Whilst our Map of Malta is quite comprehensive its not quite complete yet and we shall be adding more attractions and further details as time goes by. For those who are looking for somewhere to stay in their holidays or some shopping areas we're planning to add these in the near future.